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- Exhibition September 2013 -

Shark Kate Moss Idol Kate Moss Idol Maria Callas
Shark. Porcelain and steel 1.1m width Kate Moss Idol. Porcelain, steel, acrylic florescent rods Maria Callas front view 1.6m high
Maria Callas Maria Callas Maria Callas She Always Wanted To Be A Star
Maria Callas side view. Porcelain, LED's + steel She Always Wanted to be a Star. Porcelain rotating head, steel with motor. 80cm high
Air Heads Air Heads Air Head 1 Air Heads
Air Heads. Porcelain with steel base. 1.9m high Air Head 1. 52cm Air Head 2. 60cm
Air Heads Air Head 3 Air Head 3 Air Head 4
Air Head 2 Air Head 3. 73cm Air Head 3 Air Head 4. 59cm
Air Head 4 Air Head 3 Air Head 3
Air Head 4 Air Head 4 Self Portrait, QR Code on A3 paper