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Here is a selection of my experimental and commissioned work made during the first year of my MA.

walking split figure mirror butterfly faces butterfly face1 butterfly face2 vortex face image6 experimental image5 experimental
Walking figurehead 1m Mirror butterfly 1.3m Butterfly face1 52cm Butterfly face2 52cm Vortex face 40cm Image6 experimental 35cm Image5 experimental 35cm
slice face moving face middle slice face2 slice face1 vortex face flat face escaping miniatures
slice face 45cm moving face middle 52cm slice face2 40cm slice face1 35cm folded face 35cm flat face 35cm escaping miniatures 2.2m
holborne miniatures holborne miniatures close up sliced barbie experimental lead figures caste with kitchen utensils vortex face flat face
holborne miniatures 2.2m holborne miniatures. To see a short (20sec) video of the installation please click this youtube link. sliced barbie 28cm experimental lead figures caste with kitchen utensils 35cm experimental lead sand casted scissor figure 51cm scissor figure1 51cm