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Alison Shanks Artist's Statement

My sculptures are primarily made with Porcelain and are mainly Janus heads which have an ancient, God like, larger than life quality.

The Porcelain is silkscreen printed with fragmented and distorted images taken from mass media. The images are then cut, stretched and manipulated into a collage. The photographic facial image is made to seem slightly lost in screen transmission, interference lines and white noise.

There are various underlying themes in my work showing how we are controlled and manipulated by an oversaturation of mass media, technology, social media, fake news, surveillance, religion and consumerism in all forms. There is a loss of self: we are confused, distorted, invaded and out of balance. Are we becoming dehumanised through an over saturation of mass media and technology?

My recent work has been about a similar distortion but its focus was upon the crisis of the abuse of manmade drugs.

We are currently worldwide undergoing an Opioid Crisis. Also the use of drugs such as Crystal Methamphetamine and legal highs is endemic. Suicides and overdoses are affecting people in every strata of society. In the US alone, this epidemic has already killed several hundred thousand people.

This new work is being exhibited at the KICB Korean International Ceramic Biennale and is now on show until May 2020.