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- The Korean International Ceramic Bienale November 2019 - May 2020

"The Opioid Dialogue" In collaboration with my son Nick Shanks who designed and built the robotics mechanism.

The Opioid Dialogue The Disintegrating Head
The Opioid Dialogue The Disintegrating Head with computer controlled robotic table Click the above link to see the video at the Korean Inteernational Ceramic Bienale
Pharmacetti Atomic Pillhead Atomic Pillhead
Pharmacetti Ht54xW30xD17cm. Pharmacetti with stand Ht57xW36xD20cm. Atomic Pillhead Ht75xW36xD20cm.
Atomic Pillhead Tom Tom Incloud
Atomic Pillhead Ht75xW36xD20cm Tom Tom Column Ht108xW36xD24 Tom Tom Column Ht108xW36xD24
with Starhead Ht77xW39xD25